Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to access digitallocker or digilocker ?


Digital Locker or Digilocker Benefits  

In February 2015 , Government of India  launched a DigiLocker  to provide a secure electronic space for storing the documents of people of Nation. In Digilocker user gets storage space of 1GB that is linked to the Aadhar number of the user. The space of 1 GB can be used for storing personal documents like All educational documents such as marksheets ,University certificates, Leaving certificates of school and college, PAN cards,Documents related to physical assets such as property,Driving license, passport,Utility bills – water, electricity, telephone bills , voter id, Birth ,Income tax payment receipts,Marriage certificate etc. In Digital locker system or Digilocker you can store document of file types: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. Digilocker or elocker is a initiative under the digital India programme . The main aim of digital locker is to reduce dependency on physical documents required and provided by various government agencies to the Indians. 

Benifits to user of Digilocker

Store electronically : Documents is stored electronically so you do not need to carry document while travelling to any place just have Digital locker account.You can store  the voter ID, high school/university documents, tax related documents marriage certificates,  and many others . 

Less paperwork : As you stored your document elctronically then you do not need to carry physcial copy of important government documents when required by any any institutuion .You just have to give your URL to them so that hey can check your document online on Digilocker.By using Digilocker your document  always will be in your safe hand . loss of document is prevented as every document is stored on online on Digital locker.

Free space : free space is offered for storing all the e-documents provided by different government agencies.

End to fake documents : Digilocker will end the producing fake certificate or misuse of certificate as your digilocker are linked to your unique Aadhar card number issued by UIDE .

Storage space : You'll get 1 GB space for storing your document on Digital locker linked to your Aadhar number.

e-Signature Facility: This facility lets you sign an electronic version of your sign so called e-sign . e-Signature Facility will end signed documents by hand and use only e-sign to sign any of your documents.

How to access digitallocker or digilocker ?

You only need your Aadhar card number as given above to open your account in Digilocker.Once your account is opened then you can access your account by using your 12 digit Aadhaar number and 10 digit mobile number by visiting http://digitallocker.gov.in/account/login  .After geeting access to your account or elocker you can upload and save your document which you want to save and recover whenever you required  

Employers or other government agencies will also have to sign-up for Digital Locker in order to get access to the your’s data and perform checking.Digilocker or elocker can only be accessed by anyone having Aadhar card number.So you do not worry about your elocker . 

As all the documents are stored and  secured on NIC's server.In 100% secured  digilocker every time when you login in your account to access your documents you will receive one time password (OTP) which you use to open your acccount . Only you and requesting authority will have an access to your documents. 
For more inforamtion on "How to access digilocker or digilocker ?  " then you can write an E-mail to government’s DigiLocker customer service team and ask your queries about access to digilocker at support@digitallocker.gov.in