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How to become an IAS officer ?

Hello Friends , Today we are going to tell you How to become an IAS officer.Some of us might know how to became IAS officer but they still do not aware of how to prepare for becoming an IAS officer.So we are here to tell you step by step guide and then you can easily become an IAS officer.

Now days becoming an IAS officer is a very good carrer option.Many graduates candidates are very keen to apply for IAS exam which is held every year.These can cadidates want to become an IAS officers because they want to serve for their mother country or India.Because they want to become part of the service which let them make law and orders for India. 

If you have dream of becoming an IAS officer and want to make India much better then you should be an IAS officer.After becoming an IAS officer you have so many power and control to mantain law and order.

We all know that IAS is prestigious job in the country.That is the only reason many peoples starts preparing for IAS exam before 1 and 2 year.Even some people who are inspired to become an IAS officer starts preparing from 12th standard.These peoples start their preparation very early because they know the power , perks and salary of an IAS officers.There is one more reason of becoming an IAS officer that is Job security.You have noticed in the past that getting job in India is very difficult task.You must know that like other Jobs Becoming an IAS officer is also a very difficult.But if you prepared well then you can crack IAS exam easily.We said " Prepared well " That mean You must have a very good strategy or best books.We will disuss " how to prepare for IAS Exam " later.

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Cracking IAS exam again saying is not easy.You have to start preparing for IAS exam before one year of applying .You can apply for IAS exam in the July month every year.Once you became an IAS officer then you can make life of the people of India very easy by helping them in their way whenever needed.

To become an IAS you have to give UPSC exam also known as UPSC .Some people says this  exam "civil service exam". UPSC exam is divided into three parts its mean you have to go through all of these exam to get into IAS services.These three parts of UPSC exams are :

  1. Preliminary examinations 
  2. Mains examination 
  3. and Interview 

The people who have applied for UPSC or IAS exam will have to clear IAS Preliminary examinations.Those people who cleared the Preliminary examinations can write IAS Mains examination and in the last Those people who have cleared IAS Mains examination can appear for interview.After the interview result of IAS exam is delcared in the one month.There is only 1000 post for which lakhs peoples appear for IAS exam but people who gets good score in both  IAS Mains examination and interview will be selected as for one of service which he/she mentioned while they filled the application form on the basis of rank.

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If you want to know more inforamtion or tips then please leave your comment .We will be posting more on this or asked topic for helping people in their prepartion.