Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to prepare for the Civil Services Exam 2015 ?

Today we are updating on How to prepare for the Civil Services Exam.Becoming an IAS officer is dream of every third aspirants who starts their prepartion very early.These post is for those want to become an IAS officer and prepare for the Civil Services Exam.Before starting preparation we must know the syllabus of Civil Services Exam .If we look at syllabus of Civil Services Exam we find it huge but if we prepare with good planning  then we can crack Civil Services Exam in first attempt.So lets proceed further and know How to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. 

We all know that Civil Services Exam is conducted by UPSC every year and comprise of three part.Evey IAS aspirants also knows these parts very well.So starts simple 

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview

How to prepare for the Civil Services  Exam ?

Every students who for the first time inspired to become an IAS officer always has same question in their Mind .As today we are discussing about "How to prepare for the Civil Services  Exam " Author of this blog is also sharing his experience.There are also a three thing which you must have are :

1. Commitment
2. Patience
3. Faith

You can only crack Civil Services Exam if you are committed and believe in yourself.So now come to point.So below are the tips which help you in preparing for the Civil Services  Exam.

   " Read and discuss newspaper article "

1. Newspaper : Once you decided to become an IAS officer first thing you must do is to make habbit of reading newspaper daily.I'm saying Reading newspaper it does not means that you read newspaper for 2 or 3 hour.That is wrong because if you read newpaper for 2 or 3 hour then when you will study other IAS material as you have only 24 hour in one day.So now question is how to read Newspaper.Here is simple tips ,pick article of national interest in and mark it i first go .Then read marked article. 

You must read : 

2. NCERT : There was a myth that for preparing for Civil Services Exam one should start preparing by going through NCERT Books.But I think it is not important becauese we all have studied these NCERT books.Here I'm saying that do not study NCERT it does not mean that do not touch NCERT.But you can refer NCERT when you do not get anything in any text book at any point.

    "Keep Your Study Material Limited "

3. Yealy Magzine : You have to prepare huge and large syllabus.Now again question why yearly Book or Magzine and what is Yearly Magzine.Yearly book comprise of all those thing which had in newspaper last year.So knowing what happen in last year become very important.Going thorugh yearly magzine will also add some facts to your notes and make them fresh.If talk about Monthly magzine then my advice is not to buy this .                                   
4. IAS Toppers Story : I have added IAS Topper story in today's post because reading toppers story will helps in imagine our dream of becoming an IAS officer and further motivate or inspire us.  

             " Belive in yourself "

5. Optional Subject : One question every aspirants ask is which optional subject is good and scoring.Well Guys there is no good or bad optional subject.If you want to know which subject is scoring or good then ask yourself which subject subject or topic you liked the most while reading for General Studies Mains.If you are still confused then pick 4 to 5 subject for optional then pick some topic from each subject and read them.If you liked any topic from picked subject then you can take that subject as your optional subject.Once you got your optional subject then it may take 3 to 4 month to prepare for optional subject.      

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6. Prepare for Preliminary Exam : First of all look at last year question paper and syllabus then make very good startegy to prepare for Preliminary Exam.Solve question from each section of syllabus either it is Analytical ability or Logical reasoning.

" Try to write answer of last year question paper "

6. Prepare for General Studies Mains : If you look at General Studies Mains syllabus then you may find subject like History , Polity & IR , Geography and Economy .Now start with one subject and also see question paper of last year. 

7. Prepare for Optional subject : As we mentioned above "Keep Your Study Material Limited " Just have limited books for preparing for optional subjects. Limited means Take 3 or 4 books thats it.But also read these limited book as many  time as you can and keep revising.

In our next article we will discuss startegy to prepare for Civil Services Exam .So keep in touc with as and be updated with our next post.
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