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How to file a camplaint in consumer forum/court?


How to file a camplaint in consumer forum/court?

Govenrmennt of India has launched so many programe and advertisements to make people aware about filing a complaint in consumer forum/court.Every Indian buy product of their choice but some time they bought wrong product because of seller's fault and money of consumer who bought that product is wasted.So let them aware about consumer forum today we have decided to make a post on how to file a complaint in consumer forum/court.

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People is India do not know how and where to file a complaint in consumer forum/court.This is because they do not about consumer forum and How do consumer forum helps Consumers and where are the office of Consumer forum in their district and state.There is some more thing to rememeber for filling a compaint in Consumer forum/court that is information and required documents.Consumer who want to file a compaint about any fraud in consumer forum/court need to first know what kind of dispute case is protected under Consumer Protection Act 1986.Lets start with begining.

What is a Consumer forum/court ?

Consumer forum/court is given to the people of India to hear consumer's disputes.Consumer Forum is provided by Consumer Protection Act 1986 that is an Act of the parliament of India.Consumer Protection Act 1986 was enacted to proctect the consumer's interest in India.This act is some kind rules which is to be followed when hearing Consumers disputes.The main purpose of Consumer forum is to protect right of the consumer.You can check more about Consumer Protection Act 1986 here.

Level of Consumer Forum/Court

There are three levels of consumer forum/court in India.These three conusmer forum/court works on District, state and National level.The consumer forum/court are so divided that is based on area and judicial power provided to officials of consumer forum.

Veridict of Consumer Forum/Court

The consumer forum/court look into the cases where a Company and service provider has an office or branch within limit of the district court.Once case is filed by Consumer in the court then Consumer court hear both side and view all facts and proofs in presented in the Court.After hearing case Court gives the verdict in favour of right one either is it Consumer or it is a company.If the verdict of court is not in a favour of Consumer and if Consumer is not satisfied with that verdict then Consumer can appeal in state consumer forum/Court.If again consumer is not satisfied with state consumer court verdict then consume can appeal to nation consumer court.But Consumer has to appeal within 30 days of verdicts of District ,  state and National level of Consumer court.

How to file a campaint in consumer forum?

There are many steps you follow to file a compaint in consumer forum but if you do not have complete information about it then you are helpless in way.So to make it easy for you we have provided simple steps which you can use to file compaint in court.

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Before filing a compaint in consumer court , Consumer must know where and how can they file a compaint in consumer court.So follow steps given below.

Jurisdiction - This is first thing you must remember while filing compaint in consumer court.In which jurisdiction you have to file compaint is depends on compensation claimed by you.If you've claimed compensation of more than 20,00,000 /- INR then you can  file your complaint in district court/forum.If the claimed comensation is between 20,00,000 /- INR and 1,00,00,000 /- INR then you can to file compaint in state consumer forum/court.If the claimed compensation is more than 1,00,00,000 / - INR then you can file compaint in National consumer court/forum.

Fee Structure – To file a compaint in consumer court you have to pay fees prescribed by the Forum.The forum prescribed this fees accoring to the claimed compensation.We've provided fees structure for filing compaint. 
Claimed Compensation  up to 1 Lakh – 100/-INR
Claimed Compensation between 1 to 5 Lakhs – 200/-INR
Claimed Compensation between 5 to 10 Lakhs – 400/-INR
Claimed Compensation between 10 to 20 lakhs – 500/-INR

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You have to pay fees by demand draft in favor of President State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chennai

Come Individual – Consumer who filed compaint can come to court individually as there is no need of lawyer.

File Complaint - You can file case either by sending your complaint by post or submit your complaint in district court.For filing compaint you need to submit or attach 5 copies of complaint.Three copies of complaint is for the forum and else two copies is for opposite party and forum office each.

Representative - If you have any representative for you case filed in consumer forum/court.Then in that case you have to sign in your complaint so that your representative can come to court for hearing. 

Note : Consumer forum/court has right to dismiss  your compliant if court didn't get any required documents.So you have to come court for every hearing so that you can know what documents and evidence court are demanding from you and opposite party.

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These are the steps you can follow while filing complaint in consumer court.Furthermore if you need more information of filing complaint then lets us know.