Friday, 12 February 2016

BJP Sadasyata Abhiyan : BJP Membership Drive Online


The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)  inaugrated BJP membership Drive that is free to join for every one. Free membership of BJP is avaialble so those people who want to Join BJP and support Narendra Modi and BJP party can apply for free BJP Membership. 

BJP Sadasyata Abhiyan : BJP Membership Drive Online

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)  

Every country has political party which in election launched their candidates list and after winning election hold the very important position of serving the people of their country.Just like those India has seen many political party some of them are major like BJP and congress but after huge victory of BJP in Lok Sabha election 2014 gave Narendra Modi to India who has been contiguously doing great Job and making every possible chnage that is helping the people of India. 
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BJP currently is biggest Political party of India and still increasing members of party and welcoming every Indian to join BJP. According to the source information BJP became the world's number 1 political party with 10 crores members.

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To make BJP friendly to every one Narendra Modi launched  BJP free Membership Drive so that every one who want to make change in India can join the world number 1 party.

How to Join BJP via Mobile for Free ?

BJP is on mission to reach more people in India to know their problems and issues in area and learn how BJP can serve them. For this reason BJP launched Mobile number 1800-266-2020 which will help them Join BJP and get membership. 

It is very easy to get BJP membership via Mobile number as you just have to give them a missed call and get yourself registered for BJP membership via mobile . 

Once you gave missed call to BJP mobile number you will get message asking your name and address.Thats it You got Membership.

How to Join BJP Online for Free ?

You can also Join BJP via online.You have to visit the official website of BJP and fill the given form correctly.

Once you are done with form you got membership online.

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Note  : Earlier BJP renews its membership every two year but to make it easy Narendra modi increased its limit to eight year.

I hope this information helped you getting membership :) Share this with your friends and make them aware of membership.