Monday, 6 June 2016

How to Quickly Make CitiBank Credit Card Bill Payment Online ?

Citibank is considered as one of the best leading bank in India. Citibank offer various banking services like personal and commercial banking, investments, loans and credit card etc. The credit card is best services offered by almost every bank including Citibank of India for various purpose such as for payment of traveling , shopping and fuel etc. Citibank offers very excellent service of credit card for its users.

Not only Citibank provides excellent service but it also has easy way to pay credit card bill online without any hassle. These method to pay credit card bill is very much easy because Citibank let you pay your credit card bill via your Citibank account or another bank account. Like this there are many way of payment to let you quickly make payment of credit card online.

Read Quick guide to make payment of citibank credit card bill via both online and offline mode.

How to Make Citibank Online Credit Card Bill Payment ?

There are two methods which you can use to make citibank credit card bill payment online. These two methods to pay bill of citibank credit card are as follow.

1. Credit card payment from your Citibank account 

Account holder of citibank can make payment of credit card bill from their current and saving accounts via online mode. Citibanks offers facilities of Internet and mobile banking that let you make payment online very easily. You can also pay your bill from your account directly without going to bank. Citibank has provided three way to make credit card payment online or offline. These three way to pay bill are : 

Standing Instructions : As I said that you can pay your credit card bill directly from bank without going to bank but to make it happen you need to set standing instructions with citibank so that the amount for making credit card bill payment can be debited from your bank account on the payment due date. By this methods of paying bill you will not miss a payment of your credit card bill.

Mobile Banking : Citibank has been providing the best services and facilities to its user to make banking easier for them. So Citibank has launched its Mobile App for you which you can download from the official website of citibank and from Google Play store. Once downloaded , you need to login to your bank account from your mobile and make payment before due date.

Online Banking : While applying for credit card in citibank you also have to choose way of making credit card payment. At time of applying you can also opt for online banking as mode of  checking credit card status or bill details and paying your credit card bill. Online banking is very easy way to make payment without any hassle.

2. Credit card payment from your other bank account 

Citibank has various option to make payment of credit card. The one of best option given by citiank is option to pay bill from another bank that mean citibank account holder can pay bill of credit card from another bank of their choice.

NEFT - NEFT is also know as the National Electronic Funds Transfer to pay credit card bill from any non-Citibank account Whereas  RTGS know as Real Time Gross Settlement transfers that is same as NEFT which can be used to make payments on your credit card. The steps for making payment in both mode are same so you need to follow same steps for both NEFT and RTGS.

Steps to Make Payments on your credit card from another bank account via NEFT & RTGS :

Login to your bank account and enter the payee account number as credit card number.
Enter your card number as the Payee account number.
Enter your name as mentioned on the credit card under the beneficiary name.
Enter Citibank N.A. as your bank name and choose account type for account details.
Enter the IFSC code and the branch address and payment amount.
Check enter details before proceeding further.
Once checked then confirm the transaction to make the payment.

E-Pay : Epay is an online website for making credit card payment online that is provided by citibank itself for its customers. Epay let citibank customers pay credit card bill in simple way. You have to only enter credit card number, email id , phone number and payment amount. After entering details You need to select your bank and then click on E-Pay Now to make the transaction.

Electronic Clearing System (ECS) : Electronic Clearing System is same as a standing instruction of Citibank that allow bank to debit the due payment from your account directly. Even You can call standing instruction as Electronic Clearing System in which you can opt for how you want to pay your credit card bill. So If you want bank to debit credit card payment amount from your account at or before due date to lower your burden of paying before date.

Visa Money Transfer : You can use as many as facilities of citibank according to your need so is Visa Money transfer method provided by citibank as services to pay citibank credit card bill online.