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The Indian civil services is considered as one of the best service of India Introduced in 1855. After the introduction of Indian civil services so many things are changed including its Indian administrative services. The civil services is the best way to became an IAS, IPS and IFS officers.

Civil Service Examination

Civil Services Examination
Most of the student who are inspired to become IAS, IPS and IFS officer applied for the civil service every year till they become IAS. Civil service offers an attractive carrer and prestige which inspire student to become IAS , IPS and IFS officers.

Civil Services Salary 

The services offers job security, prestige, good salary package and foreign tour. Once you became IAS you have responisbilty of making government policies and implementing what ever policies you have made for nation. So IAS officer has to do wide variety of work in civil services. IAS offers job security because once you’re selected you will have to serve nation till the age of 60. You also do not need to worry about the salary of Indian civil services because salary of IAS officer is around 60000. After the 7 pay commission salary of IAS has increased further. Not only you get salary and job security but you also gets facilities which every officers gets.

Become Civil Service Offers

To become IAS officer, candidates has to go through compititive exam that is Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year. There are three stages in Civil Services Examination.Large number of candidates apply for Civil Services Examination every year but only few of them reach last stage of Civil Services Examination that is Interview. Thus candidates are adviced to start preparing before a year for Civil Services Exam.
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Pattern of Civil Services Examination

Union Public Service Commission also called as UPSC conducts Civil Services Examination every year in three stage. Candidates has to clear every stage to get into next stage of Civil Services Exam.
The three stage of Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC are :
(i) Civil Services Preliminary Examination : IAS Preliminary Exam is of objective type.IAS Preliminary Exam contains two paper. This Preliminary Exam , is for selection of candidates for the Main Examination, in which candidates has to take passing marks to get into next stage of IAS Main Exam.
(ii) Civil Services Main Examination : IAS Main Exam is written exam. Civil Services main examiantion is for the selection of candidates for the next stage that is Civil Services Interview.

(ii) Civil Services Interview : After clearing Civil Services Preliminary Exam and Main Exam candidates reach final stage of IAS exam. In Civil Services Interview candidates are interviewed and once candidates cleared this stage of Civil Services Examination candidates is selected for Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Indian Revenue Service (IRS) etc.