Friday, 10 March 2017

Modi Led BJP Win Uttar Pradesh Election With Majority

The Election commission has started counting votes for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Results. The Election commission is also counting votes in other states including Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur. So, You can keep watching TV or follow us for updating yourself.


Back to Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Result 2017, People are seeing this UP Election 2017 as game changer for every political parties but it seems that Narendra Modi is winning this UP Assembly Election 2017 with clear majority.

Yes, Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi lead BJP is clearly winning UP Election and in very well condition to make Government in Uttar Pradesh.

The People of Uttar Pradesh showen their support to Narendra Modi's lead BJP and made them to form Government very soon.

It was in rumour that BJP may lose election after Demonetization but people of Uttar Pradesh also supported it and give him clear majority in UP Election Result 2017.

Coming to Uttar Pradesh Assembly seats, there are 403 member assembly in UP and 78 counting centres has been set up in 75 districts where counting is still going on that will end soon.

After that, The Election Commission will announce name of winning party.

But, As counting is going on, people has already got Idea that BJP Won UP Election 2017 with Majority.

 You can See Number of seat BJP seems to win below :

See, Picture that is trending on Social Media.

Even BJP Supporters started celebrating its victory in Uttar Pradesh after 1991.


You can say BJP Won Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election of 2017 and Showed that BJP still has influence in country that mean BJP is doing well and making people of India proud with its schemes and programmes.

Please Share Love For Narendra Modi with everyone and Let them Know BJP Won UP Election 2017 with clear majority.